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           ABOUT US       


     We perform all kind of Homas, Poojas and Religious Functions in your place or our place as per your convinience. We have Temple and all the facilities like Yajna Shala, Pooja Mandir and Dhyana Mantap in Chennai and in Karnataka.  If you are Abroad or in a Remote location we also will conduct Homas and Poojas in our place and send Prasadam to your address. You must send your Birth Star and Rashi details. . For more details contact us.

       Mr Mr K. Guruvayure Bhat    

Born in Agalpadi  in Kerala state on 7th January 1948,He is proficient in Sanskrit, Vedas and Shastras and his guru is also his father Mr. Krishna Bhat. He has been performing Spiritual activities in Kerala & Karnataka from his young age. It has been proved  that all diseases can be cured by performing Homas, poojas and chanting vedic hyms. At present he is the Chief priest of Shree Lakshmi Venkatramana temple Kashekodi. He Conducts  free classes in Veda, Shastra and Purohita at the above temple.

     Krishna Prasad Bhat M.A.    

Born in Mangalore in Karnataka state on 26th July 1973 to shri Guruvayure Bhat Kashekodi and Shrimathi Kalavathy he learnt Sanskrit,Vedas, Purohith and jyothishya at Chandramouleeshwara Vidya peetam, Chennai and Vasudeva Gurukulam, Udipi. He is a Master in Sanskrit - University of Mysore. He has done individual Spiritual Practice for three yrs with Late Guru Ram Bhat Perla, Kasaragod, Kerala and later in Chennai Raghavendra Mutt, T-Nagar for Five Years and has been practicing individually for the past eight years in Chennai Performing Spiritual activities throughout India. He Conducts Free Summer Classes in Veda, Shastra and Purohitam, giving Spiritual lectures etc. these are conducted and organized by “SHRI KRISHNA VEDIC TRUST” which deals with spiritual activity. Hi is the founder above trust.

             Mr K. Soorya Narayana Bhat

Born in Sajankila in Kerala state on 7th January 1975, He learnt Sanskrit and Jyothishya in Sanskrit College, Udupi. Mastered in M.A.Sanskrit - University of Mysore  He learnt Vedas and Purohith from his father Mr K.G.Bhat Presently performing Spiritual activities from 10 years in Karnataka & Kerala States. And also gives Spiritual and religious lectures throughout India.