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      Vastu Homa  

This homa is done during “Grihapravesha”. Due to building of a house, 3 types of doshas (sins) come up. 1. Digging the earth – because of this many worms die. 2. Cutting of wood – Nature is getting affected.Because Trees are also living beings in the lower end of the life spectrum. 3. Breaking of stones – There is possibility of evil spirits in the stones. If this homa is done, it will lead to prosperity in the house, and would lead to good health and peace. Procedure: In the Vaasthu Mandalam, Vaasthu devathas are invoked and prayed. For them Kushmandam, (piece of Pumpkin,) Laja, Anna (boiled rice.) are offered to them. This is called Vaasthu Bali. Thila vreehi, (Mixture of gingili and rice), Ajya (ghee) Palasha samith Doorva (a type of Grass) and Annam (boiled rice.) are offered. Some people are doing this homa with “Navagraha homa”. It is called “Sa graha makha vaasthu homa”. Kalasha, Navadhanya daanas  given.This homa can be done in the night also.