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      Thila Homa       

This homa is done for papa parihara (astonishment of sins) and pithru moksha those who not done apara kriya for their mother, father and their family members after death they should have pitru dosha so to remove these tipe po dosha thila homa is done Procedure: Thila (gingili) is offered in the homa.Lord Soorya Bhagavan (sun) is worshiped in kalasha and mandala Gayathri manthra and pitru dosha parihara mantras chanted is during the homa.  Soorya sooktha  pitru sooktha also chanted during the homa. Kalasha, phala and ajya daanas given. doing this homa every year is very good for our family known and unknown sins are removed and u get pitru asheervadam. this homa is done in our home, temple, or punyakshetra  after doing this homa you can do pinda pradana to our pitru varga.