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Shree sooktha is a groop of mantras in ric veda khilamsha. it has 15 rics (Mantras) these Mantras praises Goddess laxmi. this homa is done for wealth in proper way and Prosperity. you get laxmee kataksham and you will be asuccess person in life. if u get the blessings of Maha lakshmee u will get happy and peaceful life.

Procedure: For materials are offered in homa. The materials are: Bilva Samithu, ksheera payasa (milk porridge) ghritha (ghee) and kamala pushpa (lotus flower). 15 mantras of shree sooktha each are offered 15 times leading to a total of 225 offerings. Based on affordability, the dhravyas could be decreased. The Laxmee pooja is done in laxmee yanthra. Kalasha, phala, ajya, ksheera payasa daanas given and Suvasini pooja will be done in the end of the homa.