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     RUDRA Homam   

RUDRA Homam: one persan  should chant rudram 11 times and chamakam once and dashamsha  (one avarti) homam.

RUDRA EKADASHINI (Shatarudra):11 members should chant rudram 11 times grand total japam is 121 and dashamsha 11 time homam.

MAHA RUDRA YAGAM: 121 members should chant rudram 11 times grand total japam is 1331 and dashamsha 121 time homam

ATIRUDRA YAGAM :1331 members should chant rudram 11 times grand total japam is 14641 and dashamsha 1331 time homam

Shree Rudram and chamakam are a very important form of worship of Lord rudra.He mitigates  your negative tendencies, Rudra Homam is performed to solicit the divine grace and blessings of Lord Shiva for relief from your fears, worries, troubles and fulfilling ofyour desires. Rudra Homam can also helps you advance in your spiritual life. He has 11 different roopas (faces) called "ekadasha rudraaha"

Names with wife:

1. Dheerdevi with Mhahadeva,

 2. Vruttidevi with shiva,

3. Ushanadevi with Rudra,

4. Umadevi with Shankara

5. Niyatdevi with Neelalohita

6. Sarpirdevi with Eeshana

7. Iladevi with Vijaya,

 8. Ambikadevi with Bheema,

9. Iravateedevi with Devadeva,

10 Sudhadevi with Bhavodbhava,

11. Deekshadevi with Adityatmaka Shree Rudra,

these 11 rudras called with Sambapareamshvara.

Shree rudra is a long and powerful section of the Yajur Veda samhita. Their are 11 Anuvakas (chapters) in Shree Rudra and 11 Anuvakas (chapters) in chamaka prashna. The Shree Rudra praise the God Shiva and chamaka asks our needs to god. After chanting 11 chapters of rudra the first chapter of chamaka chanted. like 11 times chantig of rudra, chamaka will be chanted once. Mahanyasa and laghunyasa should be chanted before Shree Rudra After the Mahanyasa 11 Rudras Called (Avahanam) with Umamaheshvara   in 12 kalshas and  worshiped with Kalpoktha Shdhashopachara pooja,  rudra trishati Archana and Namaskars also be done. After the pooja Abhisheka will start.

 11 panditsts 11 times praises Shiva by all 11 anuvakas Rudra and Chamaka. during the japam  Abhisheka also be done by 11 dravyas. They are: (materials) 1. Gandha thailam (sandal wood oil) 2. Pnchagavyam (Mixture of cow's urine, dung, milk, cord and ghee   ) 3. panchamrutam (fruits) 4. ghrutam (ghee)5.Paya (milk) 6. Dadhi (cord) 7. Madhu (honey) 8. Ikshu rasam (sugar can juice) 9.Phala rasam (fruit juice)10. Nalikera jalam (coconut water)11. Gandha toyam (sandal water) and Kalasha jalam (sacred water from Kalasha) aftre 11 recitations  of rudr with 1 recitations of Chamakam (121+11=132) and dashamsha (11 avarti) homa will be done. 12 Pandits required for this homa. At the end of the homa Vasordhara also be done by chanting chamaka is clled "RUDRA YEKADASHINI "

11 Panditsts 11 times each day for 11 days. Rudram praises Shiva in all 11 of his various forms.called "MAHA RUDRA" it brings the total number of recitations 1,331 with 11 recitations of Chamakam (1331+121=1452)and dashamsha(121 avarti) homam.

121 Panditsts11 times each day for 11 days. Rudram praises Shiva in all 11 of his various forms.called "ATIRUDRA YAGAM" it brings the total number of recitations  14641 with 121 recitations of Chamakam(14641+1331=15972) and dashamsha (1,331 avarti) homam.

The significant of all Vedic mantras used in traditional rituals rely on repetition for their power. The more repetitions of a mantra the greater the effect. Rudra homam is a powerful homam or fire ritual for cleansing the system of all deep-rooted disorders. The homam is performed to invoke the grace of Rudra, one of the many energies of Shiva. Science of Homam is a Vedic ritual which helps us connect to the fire element, one of the five major elements in Nature. It is also believed that Lord Krishna chanted Sri Rudram during the epic war of Kurusheshtra.