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     Rakshogna Homa     

Rakshohagni is the devatha for this homa hi protects our premises by Agni bhayam (fire accidents) and Chora bhayam (thefts)  this  homa is done before Vastu shanthi homa of grahapravesha for the protection of the building from fire. to protect our home, place, nature from fire accidents rakshoghna homa will be done. the Agora homa or sudarshana moola mantra homa also done with this homa  for the  protection from evil power.

Procedure: By chanting Rakshoghna sooktha ghee is offered in the homa. Lord Sudarshana or Aghora also offered with Ajya (Ghee), Apamarga samith, and Charu (boiled rice). This homa is done in the night. Pooja is done in kalasha and Mandala.