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      Navagraha Shanthi Homam      


The world is created with 5 basic elements.  \ Prithivi (Earth) \   Apaha  (water) \ Tejas (light)     \   Vayu (wind)   \ Akasha (sky)  The functioning of the basic elements are controlled by Navagrahas” (nine planets).Our body, home, place of living, is made of these elements.This is performed to remove all the obstacles of life(Ayushya,Arogya,Aishvarya).Hence, by satisfying the Navagrahas using Navagraha homa will bring  prosperity and health.

 Procedure: Navagraha  Pooja is done in Navadhanya (Nine type of  seeds) on navagraha yantra. different color cloths, flowers, and nine type of naivedyam are offered. Three dhravyas are used for this homa. Nine varieties of Samithu, varieties of boiled rice (Anna), and ghee are used and 9 different mantras are recited for the Navagrahas.Adhidevatha, pratyadhidevatha, parivaradevatha and 8 dikpalaka homas are done with this homa. Pooja will be done in Kalasha, Navagrahayanthra (mandala) and Navadhanya. Navadhanya, Kalasha, phala, Ajya daanas given here.

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