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The name of this god is mrutyunjaya (Shina or Rudra) the god ho wins the death. Seven types of Mruthyu (death) are possible calld Apamrutyu, Kantakamrutyu, Dushtamrutyu, Vyalamrutyu, Dhruvamrutyu,  Vyaghathamrutyu, Sarvamrutyu, (due to accidents and serious illness and health*) this homa  protects from these type of  death,  It helps in removing evil effects.

Procedure : Seven materials are offered in the homa for Seven types of Mruthyu dosha parihara* They are:  AlaSamith, AmruthaSamith, Payasam (Milk porridge), Thila (gingelly), Ghritha (Ghee), Doorva, Ksheera*(Milk) 144 times each dravyas are offered leading to a total of 1008 offerings* Based on affordability, the dhravyas could be decreased*

This pooja is done in the morning only* Mruthunjaya pooja will be done  in Lingatho badhra mandala* somany type of mrutyunjaya mantras are their called Sanjeevini Mrutyunjaya Mantra, Maha Mruthyunjaya Mantra, Mrutyunjaya Veda mantra Kala Mrutyunjaya Mantra mrutyunjaya shdakshara Mantra, during the homa  Rudra chamaka Rudra sooktas, Ayushya sooktha, and other rudra related mantras chanted during the homa*

Seven types of Mruthyu dosha parihara*Seven tipe of danas (donations) given here to seven Brahmins* They are: Thaila (oil vessel), Loham (iron), Karpasam (cotton), Kushmandam (pumpkin), Lavanam (salt), Thila (gingelly,), Kambalam (woolen sheet)At the end of the homa kalasha Abhisheka and dana will be done.