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Maha ganapathi  homa is for invoking the blessings of Lord Ganapati.He is the  Lord of knowledge and represents Pranava and is done to get rid off all obstacles in the path of success and leads to completion of the intended work. It brings peace to the home. This homa will be performed in the morning. this is good for the welfare of the family. If the homa is performed once in a year. 

This Homa differs between different places. Predominantly, the Ashtadhravya homa (mixing of 8 different materials) is done. The Ashtadravya consists of 1. Modhaka, (type of sweet) 2. Pruthuka, (beaten Rice) 3. Laja, 4. Sakthu, (Flour,) 5. Ikshudanda (Sugarcane,)  6. Nalikera (Coconut,) 7.Thila (Jingely) and 8. Kadali phala, (Banana). Each material resembles a Devatha (lord).The invocation of the devatha will be done before the homa. Three other dhravya are mixed i.e., Guda (jaggery,) Madhu (honey) and Ghritha (Ghee.) If any of the Ashta dhravya is not available, then as an exception, whatever dhravya is available, one can use it for the homa. sahasra modaka homa is very fames one. Ashtadhravya, Doorva (type of grass) and Ghritha (Ghee) are used in the homa. Ganapathy pooja is done in Ganapathy Yanthra and in the kalasha. Ashtadravya, kalasha, Phala Daanas are given at the end of the  homa.  Ganapati moolamantra, Mala mantra, Veda mantra, Kshipra prasada mantra, Ganapati Gayathri mantra and Ganapathi Atharva sheersha mantra are resisted during the homam.