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         DURGA HOMA      

This homa is done for goddess Mother Durga It’s for getting” Fame and Mother Durga’s” blessings. Its also done for shathru samhara we have 6 types of enimies in our mind calld Kama, krodha,lobha, moha, mada, matsarya. it helps to controll it and it protect us from out side enemies. vidhya vruddhi (improvement in studies),  improvement in business and to win the court cases etc,. Procedure: Three materials  Bhilva Samithu, Gudannam (Jaggery Porridge) and Ajya (ghee) are offered in the homa. Pancha Durga mantra, durga moolamantra,  Durga Sooktha is recited during the homa.The pooja is done using “Durga yanthra”(mandla) and Kalasha. end of the homa danas given.