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     ayushya homa    

Every year every person should do this homa in his birth star of the birth month(Hindu Birth day celebration). Most people are doing this homa on the first year birthday only. it improves health and long life with happiness.   Procedure: Ajya (ghee), Charu (boiled rice)  Doorva (a type of grass) are offered in the homa. Lord Ayurdevatha, mruthyunjaya rudra and lord dhanvanthari are worshiped. Ayushya sooktha, Nakshathra manthras, mruthunjaya manthras, dhanvanthri manthra are chanted during tha homa.Navagraha homa also done with this homa. at the end of the homa kalasha abhisheka and Kalasha, ajya, navadhanya, phala danas given.