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      Ganapathi atharva sheersha homa    

This homa is for getting the complete blessings of Lord Ganapati. Specifically, fame, education everything needed to lead a contended life.  Procedure:  The 10 main mantras used in this homa called Ganapathi Atharva sheersha. Four dhravyas (materials) are offered in this homa.The four dhravyas are: Modhaka (a type of sweet), Laja, Doorva(a type of grass) Sajya samith. (Ghee dipped samithu). For each dhravya 10 members recite the 10 main mantras 10 times. Totally for each dhravya the recitation is done 1000 times,bringing the grand total of recitations to 4000. this is very power full mantra.  during the homa Ganapathi Atharva sheersha,ganapathi sooktha Rudra chamaka and other ganapathi related mantras chanted. Modaka, vastra, phala danas given in the end of tha homa.